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Texas Essay Topics - Boost Your GPA With Research

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The Great Gatsby Movie Adaptations

The Great Gatsby, by F. Scott Fitzgerald is one of the great novels in American literature, but into which formats (and multimedia) forms have the novel been adapted? The answer is several. In all, there are six film versions of The Great Gatsby, by F. Scott Fitzgerald: 1926 - The Great Gatsby Distributed by: Paramount PicturesReleased: Nov. 21, 1926Directed by: Herbert BrenonProduced by: Jesse L. Lasky and Adolph ZukorSilent movie, based on a stage adaptation written by Owen Davis. Also written by Becky Gardiner and Elizabeth MeehanStarring: Warner Baxter, Lois Wilson, and William Powell.No copies of the entire film are known to exist, but the National Archives has a trailer for the film. 1949 - The Great Gatsby Distributed by: Paramount PicturesDirected by: Elliott NugentProduced by: Richard MaibaumStarring: Alan Ladd, Betty Field, Macdonald Carey, Ruth Hussey, Barry Sullivan, Shelley Winters, and Howard Da SilvaWriters: Richard Maibaum and Cyril Hume (also the stage adaptation by Owen Davis)Music by: Robert Emmett DolanCinematography: John F. SeitzEditing by: Ellsworth Hoagland 1974 - The Great Gatsby Distributed by: Newdon Productions and Paramount PicturesRelease date: March 29, 1974Directed by: Jack Clayton (In MemoirsTennessee Williams wrote: It seems to me that quite a few of my stories, as well as my one acts, would provide interesting and profitable material for the contemporary cinema, if committed to ... such cinematic masters of direction as Jack Clayton, who made of The Great Gatsby a film that even surpassed, I think, the novel by Scott Fitzgerald.)Starring: Sam Waterston, Mia Farrow, Robert Redford, Bruce Dern, and Karen Black.Screenplay by: Francis Ford Coppola 2000 - The Great Gatsby Directed by Robert MarkowitzMade-for-TV movie.Starring: Toby Stephens, Paul Rudd, and Mira Sorvino. 2002 - G Directed by: Christopher Scott CherotModernizedStarring: Richard T. Jones, Blair Underwood, and Chenoa Maxwell 2013 - The Great Gatsby Directed by: Baz LuhrmannRelease date: May 10, 2013Starring: Leonardo DiCaprio, Carey Mulligan, and Tobey Maguire.

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Overview of Bulimia Essay - 2050 Words

Throughout history, women have proved their intellectual strength. Whether it be gaining the right to vote and breaking the gender barrier from 1848-1920, or standing-up against racial injustice, women have been some of the most influential people. However, even after all this, women still have an increased desire to be thin because it is deemed â€Å"prettier† and â€Å"more desirable.† 40% of normal weight adolescent females regard themselves as â€Å"fat† and aspire to a thinner body, but â€Å"do not have time to watch what they eat or exercise† (Wade, Keski-Rahkonen, Hudson, 2011). It appears that the pursuit of thinness may have emerged as a way through which women could compete amongst themselves and demonstrate self-control. Yet, in turning to†¦show more content†¦Thus, because there is no outward symptoms, it is not uncommon for someone to know a women who has been affected by bulimia. â€Å"What you eat in private is what you wear in p ublic.† This common twenty-first century quote is plastered all over social media sites as a â€Å"motivational† quote and a â€Å"friendly reminder† for women to eat healthy and workout. Yet, the quote also seems to define an episode of binge eating by bulimics, which is the consumption of an amount of food that is larger than most individuals would eat in a similar period of time under similar (American Psychiatric Association, 1980). The excessive consumption of food must also be accompanied by a sense of lack of control and usually occurs in secrecy or as inconspicuously as possible. An indicator of loss of control is the inability to refrain from eating or to stop eating once started. The consideration of an episode is subjective to the occasion too, as the quantity of food that might be regarded as excessive for a typical meal might be considered normal during a holiday meal. Individuals often do not stop binging until they are to the point of being uncomfo rtably full (American Psychiatric Association, 1980). The larger the amount of food ingested, the more rapid the emptying rate which is why bulimia is rarely successful as a means of weight control; however, bulimic activity can result in gastric ulcers and otherShow MoreRelatedHelping Teens Avoid Bulimia And Anorexia1028 Words   |  5 PagesApril 2017 How to Help Teens Avoid Bulimia and Anorexia Even though some teens have health conditions that make them very skinny or problems going on at home does not mean they have to hurt themselves. Teens need to avoid bulimia nervosa and anorexia nervosa. Some teens do not have self confidence in themselves. Many teens have died or get other medical conditions for becoming bulimic or anorexic. Bulimia nervosa is a life threatening eating disorder. Bulimia nervosa is where an individual bingeRead MoreEating Disorders : Social, Genetics, And Psychological1702 Words   |  7 Pagesboth symptoms is bulimia nervosa. Unfortunately, â€Å"between 1.1% and 4.6% of females and 0.1% to 0.5% of males will develop bulimia†(Overview). This may not seem like a lot but .1% is approximately 7.125 million males developing bulimia. Victims of bulimia nervosa have the same thoughts of an anorexic person and the actions of a binge eating person. Opposed to an anorexia victim, the bulimia nervosa victim will eat an unnatural amount of food; however, unlike a binge eater, a bulimia nervosa victim willRead MoreBulimia Symptoms And Treatments Of Bulimia972 Words   |  4 Pages â€Å"Bulimia† Have you ever looked at the cover of a magazine and seen a beautiful woman that just looked so thin, and thought â€Å"How in the world did she get that way?† Well like me I’m sure millions of girls have wondered the same thing. Many of them becoming self-conscious, what with our society placing so much emphasis on being thin in order to be attractive. But how thin is too thin? Many girls in this country use some kind of diet or exercise plan but, others take it too far. Bulimia is exactlyRead MoreJocelyn Bennett. Mrs. Gallos. English 3 Honors. 6, April1741 Words   |  7 Pagesboth symptoms is bulimia nervosa. Unfortunately, â€Å"between 1.1% and 4.6% of females and 0.1% to 0.5% of males will develop bulimia† (Bulimia). This may not seem like a lot but .1% is approximately 7.125 million males developing bulimia. Victims of bulimia nervosa have the same thoughts of an anorexic person and the actions of a binge eating person. Opposed to an anorexia victim, the bulimia nervosa victim will eat an unnatural amount of food; however, unlike a binge eater, a bulimia nervosa victim willRead MoreEating Disorders Essay929 Words   |  4 PagesPeople with anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, or binge eating disorders should seek help because of the major health risks, such as: malnutrition, muscle atrophy, paralysis, cancer, heart attack and death. When someone has an eating disorder, they usually have underlying mental health issues. Only one in ten people with eating disorders receive treatment (Eating disorder statistics). These eating disorders are the most common eating disorders and affects 1 out of every seven women (UnderstandingRead More Anorexia and Bulimia Essay1116 Words   |  5 Pages Anorexia and Bulimia: A Concise Overview nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;As many as 20% of females in their teenage and young adult years suffer from anorexia nervosa or bulimia nervosa (Alexander-Mott, 4). Males are also afflicted by these eating disorders, but at a much lower rate, with a female to male ratio of six to one. Those with anorexia nervosa refuse to maintain a normal body weight by not eating and have an intense fear of gaining weight. People with bulimia nervosa go through periodsRead MoreSociety’s Influence on Young Girls: Anorexia Nervosa and Bulimia Nervosa1296 Words   |  6 Pagesthe articles. (Recovery and Support Network, 2008) I believe it is these influences of society that are leading to more and more young girls being diagnosed with anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa. You may be saying to yourself, â€Å"I have heard of those, but what exactly are they?† Well the terms anorexia and bulimia are often confused with each other. Though they are both eating disorders, they are different, and if someone has one they do not necessarily have both. It is also a common misconceptionRead MoreSociety’s Influence on Teenagers: Anorexia Nervosa and Bulimia Nervosa1294 Words   |  6 Pagesthe articles. (Recovery and Support Network, 2008) I believe it is these influences of society that are leading to more and more young girls being diagnosed with anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa. You may be saying to yourself, â€Å"I have heard of those, but what exactly are they?† Well the terms anorexia and bulimia are often confused with each other. Though they are both eating disorders, they are different, and if someone has one they do not necessarily have both. It is also a common misconceptionRead MoreEating Disorders Among Teenagers: Annotated Bibliography1915 Words   |  8 Pagesrelatable topic. I am interested to find out about the prevalence of eating disorders in my school and ultimately in helping the girls who are suffering from a disorder and are not getting the sufficient help that is needed when one if suffering from Bulimia or Anorexia Nervosa. REVIEW OF LITERATURE Definitions 1. Eating disorder Source A Source: Internet dictionary Written by: Oxford press Word in dictionary: Eating disorder Date of access: 06/05/2014 The oxford dictionary states thatRead MoreThe Dangerous Effects of Eating Disorders1100 Words   |  5 Pagesyou weigh, you often focus on little else (http://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/eating-disorders/basics/definition/con-20033575 ). There are three main types of eating disorders. Anorexia nervosa is the fear of gaining weight. If you have bulimia nervosa, you eat large amounts very quickly, and then you purge. Lastly, binge eating is where you feel out of control and you eat, and eat, and eat, and you cannot stop. Eating disorders can cause serious physical problems and can be life-threatening

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Mcdonald Ethical Consumerism Free Samples- Myassignmenthelp.com

Question: An analytical Business Report based on what ethical consumerism means for businesses. Choose one company evidencing how they operate ethically. Answer: Executive summary: This study provides an analysis and evaluation of the relevance of ethical consumerism in a business. The method of analysis is done by evaluating McDonalds ethical operation through primary survey and secondary research. Result of analysis reveals that most consumers are making ethical choices except for the fact that the fast food products are not healthy for children. This report also finds out the prospects of the company in its current situation needs to be transformed for the betterment of the consumers. The area of weakness needs remedial action that must be taken by the company management. Introduction and background: A proliferating number of individual make their economic decisions based on ethical values. These include adaptation of environmentally friendly product and production technique, labor standards (wage rates and conditions related to working) and consideration of human rights. Ethical consumerism is a thriving phenomenon that predicates ethical trading activities. The motivations behind the ethical business practices are evident and diverse. By ethical business practices we mean that the values of the people are involved, environmental responsibilities are recognized, and production is done in an efficient way and effectively. (Lewis and Potter, 2011) Most of the businesses endorse ethical business practices because they believe the consumer wants are an important aspect of business. (Healey, n.d.) Ethical consumerism aims to identify consumers who choose to purchase goods that are ethically sourced, produced and ethically distributed. (McGregor, 2005) What do we mean by ethically sourced, produced and distributed? By ethical source we mean that the origination of the product must be done in ethical terms. A production is said to be ethical if the process of production involved elements of recycle or using labor who are not identified as a slave or child. If one purchases this type of product then he can be symbolized as an ethical consumer. (Hudson, Hudson and Edgerton, 2013) This study focuses on the basic concept of Ethical Consumerism and its importance in the businessWe have taken up a company, McDonalds which is the largest hamburger chain restaurant and tried to analyze its ethical operation. Every Organization must strive to ensure customer satisfaction and take into account ethical consumerism. Secondary and primary research has been taken towards the necessity and implementation of ethical consumerism within the organization. (Payne, 2015) Importance of Ethical Consumerism in Business Now with the advent of globalization, consumers are exposed to a lot of choices and options. Keeping in mind that consumers are alarmingly engaging themselves into Green Economy, it is necessary for business enterprises to understand and evaluate the needs of a consumer. Ethical consumers are concerned more about other ethical issues than the quality and price of the good. They are seeking for certain standards in the products. (Confino, 2011) This includes that the product must contain natural and pure ingredients, ethical sourcing, production and distribution must be exercised, there must be clear information about the nutritional values of the product, transparency, fair labor engagement, honoring of Human Rights, protect human health must be exercised, company must consider the aspect of sustainability and clean and green environment, company must participate in ethical ways of marketing and advertising and must engage in renewable or recyclable techniques of packaging. (Leading in Context, 2012) The key pivot for a company is consumer and his behavior regarding the company and its product. In this regard it is necessary for a company to develop objectives that would focus on rendering quality customer service. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) companies aim to achieve a striking balance in economic, social and environmental imperatives. According to CSR, the key issues that must be adapted by a company are environmental management, eco-efficiency, labor standards and proper working conditions, relationship between employee and community, gender balance, human rights issues, measure of good governance and measures against corruption. (Harrison, Newholm and Shaw, 2005) Companies today are realizing that development of more responsible and accountable products and corporate practices are necessary. This thinking of the companies from the theory called Ethical Consumerism which implies that more and more consumers are making their purchase decisions based on the products social, ethical or environmental aspects. (Bell, 2015) But do the consumers really practice ethical choice in reality is an alarming issue. A recent article depicted this debate. But this is short sighted issue. In recent years, consumers are becoming judicious and demand that the companies take an initiative to responsibly produce their goods. (Cleanagency.com, 2013). (Romu, 2009) Mcdonalds: McDonalds is the worlds largest hamburger chain restaurant of fast food. The global strategy of McDonalds is named as the Plan to Win which is focused on remarkable customer experience. The mission of this company is to become customers favorite place. (Small Business - Chron.com, 2015) Values And Ethical Decisions Of Mcdonalds Customer experience at the core- the company strives toward quality, service, cleanliness and value rendered to each and every customer. Commitment- the company believes in providing opportunities, nurturing talent and developing leaders so that a healthy and well trained working environment ensures the continued success of the company. Balancing the interest of three key groups- McDonalds trusts in the business model that depicts balancing among the owner, suppliers and employees of the company. Ethical business practice- the company is believed to engage in high business standards with fairness, honesty and integrity. McDonalds supports Ronald McDonald House Charities and leverage size, scope and resources to make the world a better place to live in. Business profitability is ensured by the company by focusing on the well-being of the customers. Strive to improve- constant innovation is adapted by the company to respond to the changing needs of the customers and employees. (Aboutmcdonalds.com, 2015) The CSR strategy of the McDonalds rotates around sustainability. This is because that the company recognizes that by abiding by sustainability, it will be able to acquire constant supply of inputs for production of hamburgers and other fast food products. (McDonalds jumps on the CSR bandwagon, 2002) It took an initiative by selling salads and cholesterol free fast food products. It established the Global Advisory Council (GAC) which works by collaborating with international teams regarding expert advice on nutritional values. (Knowmore.org, 2015) (Unido.org, 2015) McDonalds is well aware of its environmental responsibility. It had taken massive efforts in reducing the greenhouse emissions by saving energy and averting carbon emission. Ethical consumerism denotes that the production techniques must be ethical which is practiced by the McDonalds. (Ukessays.com, 2015) It has adopted a design of green restaurant. In addition to this McDonalds banned the use of plastics and replaced it with paper based packages. (America, 2012) Secondary Primary Research A primary research based on the Convenience Random Sampling was carried on 50 consumers who are acquainted to McDonalds (Refer Appendices for Questionnaire). The survey is as follows: Do you visit McDonalds for eating? Likert scale range Number of respondents Frequency percentage Strongly disagree (1) 2 4 Disagree (2) 7 14 Indifferent (3) 15 30 Agree (4) 20 40 Strongly agree (5) 6 12 It can be seen from the data that the people 52% of the people either agree or strongly agree that they visit McDonalds for eating. While others are doesnt eat or are indifferent Do you believe that the company is ethical in giving 100% more vegetables, fruits, whole grains or low fat grains? Likert scale range Number of respondents Frequency percentage Strongly disagree (1) 4 8 Disagree (2) 10 20 Indifferent (3) 8 16 Agree (4) 20 40 Strongly agree (5) 8 16 It is seen from the above data that the 56% of the people either agree or strongly agree that the company gives 100% more fruits and vegetables. How far are you satisfied with the animal meat used in McDonalds? Likert scale range Number of respondents Frequency percentage Strongly disagree (1) 8 16 Disagree (2) 6 12 Indifferent (3) 16 32 Agree (4) 14 28 Strongly agree (5) 6 12 It can be seen from the above data that the 40% of the people believe that McDonalds uses good animal meat while 32% of the people are indifferent. Do you think the food provided by McDonalds is nutritional for the children? Likert scale range Number of respondents Frequency percentage Strongly disagree (1) 12 24 Disagree (2) 16 32 Indifferent (3) 10 20 Agree (4) 8 16 Strongly agree (5) 4 8 From the above data it can be seen that the 56% of the people thinks that the McDonalds food is not nutritional for the children and 24% of them thinks that the food is nutritious. How far do you think the company is successful in ethically recycling the water? Likert scale range Number of respondents Frequency percentage Strongly disagree (1) 8 16 Disagree (2) 6 12 Indifferent (3) 16 32 Agree (4) 14 28 Strongly agree (5) 6 12 It is seen from the above data that the company is successful in recycling its waste water. And the company is ethically sound company. Does the company comply with the standards of ethics and values when it comes to using paper bags and recycling the wastes? Likert scale range Number of respondents Frequency percentage Strongly disagree (1) 5 10 Disagree (2) 8 16 Indifferent (3) 10 20 Agree (4) 14 28 Strongly agree (5) 13 26 It is seen in the above data that the company complies with the values and ethics and uses paper bags and recycles waste according to 54% of the people. What is your perception about McDonalds when it comes to Green Economy? How would you rate it? Likert scale range Number of respondents Frequency percentage Strongly disagree (1) 5 10 Disagree (2) 6 12 Indifferent (3) 10 20 Agree (4) 17 34 Strongly agree (5) 12 24 It is seen from the above data that McDonalds is a economically green company which means that the company reduces the environmental risks making it a sustainable company. A secondary research reveals that a program undertaken by The White House (The Huffington Post, 2015) which approaches to promote a sound consumer awareness and leverage market power collaborated with the Walmart, McDonalds and Subway had helped to fight labor trafficking which had taken place within the Sunshine Stats tomato industry. (Sun, Chen and Wang, 2012) Innova Marketing has portrayed that more and more consumers are concerned and are demanding pure products. The concept of sustainability is already in the minds of the people when making decisions regarding purchase of goods. GlobeScans and SustainAbilitys recent survey done on global consumers reveal that consumers in the developing countries are emphasizing more on Green Economy. McDonalds had taken a small step to approach an environmental friendly initiative by recycling the polystyrene coffee cups and replacing them with paper cups. (News, 2015) This eco-friendly approach can be seen as an adoption of ethical consumerism By this step, McDonalds have successfully captured the interest of the consumers regarding eco-friendly approach. (The Huffington Post, 2015) Policies: McDonalds had been criticized on grounds of unethical practices in environmental, health and labor fields. (McDonald's worker strike goes global, 2015) McDonalds was believed to contribute to the obesity epidemic in society to which McDonalds must formulate policies to serve and nutritious food. McDonalds must make policies regarding the environmental degradation it caused by implementing eco-friendly and emission free food processing unit. Recently McDonalds was in news as Brazilian unions have taken legal action against McDonalds franchise. The allegation that they posed is violation of labor laws by time-clock fraud and unhygienic unsanitary working conditions. (Financial Times, 2015) McDonalds must formulate policies regarding protection of their employees. Critical evaluation: The importance of ethical consumerism will be recognized only when ethical consumers are identified. The primary survey done may reveal that customers are making ethical choices but in reality do they really make such choices? In this regard should a company really consider ethical consumerism? (Paish, 2011) The answer is that most consumers do not really go through the ingredients of food products (in our case) (Foodispower.org, 2015) which reveal that they are not making ethical choices. Also McDonalds is the largest fast food center and fast foods are considered to be harmful for health yet the fast food restaurants are making it big in business (Young, 2003) (Schrder and McEachern, 2005). Thus there is a need to recognize the ethical consumers to practice ethical consumerism. (Devinney, Auger and Eckhardt, 2010) Recommendations: To ensure that McDonalds doesnt participate in environmental hazardous activities, it should make use of a renewable form of energy which is the solar energy. This is will lead to less carbon emission in the long run. The advertisements of the McDonalds must promote its balanced healthy diet regime. The advertisements should also aim at rendering nutritional advice regarding healthy fast food eating habits. Another aspect that McDonalds must focus is the diversification of diets to ensure that the requirements of different age groups are met. (Schonberger, 2014) Conclusion: Consumers are considered to be the basis for the existence of a business. Realizing the customer needs and expectation is an important aim of a company. In doing so the company must keep in mind the most talked about issue of ethical consumerism. As far as McDonalds is concerned, it continues to abide by the CSR and exercise good business conducts and ethics across its operation and also ensure that now and in the near future enhanced quality programs are initiated to promote ethical consumerism. Thus the need for ethical consumerism is inevitable in a business. (Marketing, 2012) References Aboutmcdonalds.com, (2015).McDonalds Mission and Corporate Values :: AboutMcDonalds.com. [online] Available at: https://www.aboutmcdonalds.com/mcd/our_company/mission_and_values.html [Accessed 24 Feb. 2015]. America, 1. (2012).10 Most Ethical CEOs in Corporate America - OnlineMBA.com. [online] OnlineMBA.com. Available at: https://www.onlinemba.com/blog/10-most-ethical-ceos-in-corporate-america/ [Accessed 24 Feb. 2015]. Cleanagency.com, (2013).Ethical Consumerism: What's More Important, Values or Value? - Clean Agency. [online] Available at: https://cleanagency.com/ethical-consumerism-whats-more-important-values-or-value/ [Accessed 24 Feb. 2015]. Devinney, T., Auger, P. and Eckhardt, G. (2010).The myth of the ethical consumer. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Financial Times, (2015).McDonalds franchisee sued by Brazilian unions - FT.com. [online] Available at: https://www.ft.com/intl/cms/s/0/a0ae49f0-bc6f-11e4-a6d7-00144feab7de.html#axzz3SivSbskD [Accessed 25 Feb. 2015]. Healey, J. (n.d.).Ethical consumerism. Hudson, M., Hudson, I. and Edgerton, J. (2013). Political Consumerism in Context: An Experiment on Status and Information in Ethical Consumption Decisions.American Journal of Economics and Sociology, 72(4), pp.1009-1037. Knowmore.org, (2015).McDonald's Corporation - Knowmore.org. [online] Available at: https://www.knowmore.org/wiki/index.php?title=McDonald%27s_Corporation [Accessed 25 Feb. 2015]. Leading in Context, (2012).What Does Ethical Consumerism Mean for Business?. [online] Available at: https://leadingincontext.com/2012/10/10/what-does-ethical-consumerism-mean-for-business/ [Accessed 24 Feb. 2015]. Lewis, T. and Potter, E. (2011).Ethical consumption. Milton Park, Abingdon, Oxon: Routledge. McDonalds jumps on the CSR bandwagon. (2002).Strategic Direction, 18(9), pp.8-11. McDonald's worker strike goes global. (2015).ETHICAL CONSUMER. [online] Available at: https://www.ethicalconsumer.org/corporatenews/storyoftheday/entryid/1565/mcdonalds-worker-strike-goes-global.aspx [Accessed 25 Feb. 2015]. McGregor, S. (2005). The Ethical Consumer.International Journal of Consumer Studies, 29(4), pp.387-388. Payne, J. (2015). Ethical Consumerism and Conservatism Hand In Glove.The Heinz Journal. [online] Available at: https://journal.heinz.cmu.edu/2012/01/ethical-consumerism-and-conservatism-hand-in-glove-2/. Schonberger, (2014).Heres What McDonalds Can Do To Turn Around Its U.S. Business. [online] Fox Business. Available at: https://www.foxbusiness.com/industries/2014/08/21/heres-what-mcdonalds-can-do-to-turn-around-its-us-business/ [Accessed 25 Feb. 2015]. Schrder, M. and McEachern, M. (2005). Fast foods and ethical consumer value: a focus on McDonald's and KFC.British Food Journal, 107(4), pp.212-224. Small Business - Chron.com, (2015).Examples of Objectives for a Company. [online] Available at: https://smallbusiness.chron.com/examples-objectives-company-10536.html [Accessed 25 Feb. 2015]. Ukessays.com, (2015).McDonald's business ethics. [online] Available at: https://www.ukessays.com/essays/business/mcdonalds-business-ethics.php [Accessed 24 Feb. 2015]. Unido.org, (2015).What is CSR?. [online] Available at: https://www.unido.org/en/what-we-do/trade/csr/what-is-csr.html [Accessed 24 Feb. 2015]. Young, B. (2003). Does food advertising make children obese?.Young Consumers, 4(3), pp.19-26. Bell, P. (2015).Ethical Consumerism: what is it and how can you make it work for you?. 1st ed. [ebook] Available at: https://Glasgow Caledonian University [Accessed 25 Feb. 2015]. Confino, J. (2011).What motivates consumers to make ethically conscious decisions?. [online] the Guardian. Available at: https://www.theguardian.com/sustainable-business/motivates-consumers-environmental-ethical-decisions [Accessed 25 Feb. 2015]. Foodispower.org, (2015).Food Empowerment Project | Because your food choices can change the world. [online] Available at: https://www.foodispower.org/ [Accessed 25 Feb. 2015]. Harrison, R., Newholm, T. and Shaw, D. (2005).The ethical consumer. London: SAGE. Marketing, C. (2012).Ethical Sourcing: A Blossoming Trend in Food - CBD Marketing. [online] CBD Marketing. Available at: https://www.cbdmarketing.com/about/blog/ethical-sourcing-a-blossoming-trend-in-food/ [Accessed 25 Feb. 2015]. News, U. (2015).McDonald's testing eco-friendlier coffee cups. [online] NBC News. Available at: https://usnews.nbcnews.com/_news/2012/03/21/10792917-mcdonalds-testing-eco-friendlier-coffee-cups [Accessed 25 Feb. 2015]. Paish, M. (2011).Ethical food choices influencing product development, research finds | Australian Food News. [online] Ausfoodnews.com.au. Available at: https://ausfoodnews.com.au/2011/12/21/ethical-food-choices-influencing-product-development-research-finds.html [Accessed 25 Feb. 2015]. Romu, H. (2009).Ethical consumption as an identity project - A narrative approach to Finnish ethical consumers identity construction. 1st ed. [ebook] Available at: https://epub.lib.aalto.fi/en/ethesis/pdf/12188/hse_ethesis_12188.pdf [Accessed 25 Feb. 2015]. Sun, P., Chen, H. and Wang, K. (2012). Ethical evaluation by consumers: the role of product harm and disclosure.British Food Journal, 114(1), pp.54-69. The Huffington Post, (2015).This Human Rights Group Is A Model For How The U.S. Can End Slave Labor. [online] Available at: https://www.huffingtonpost.com/2015/02/10/human-trafficking-ciw_n_6647692.html?ir=India [Accessed 25 Feb. 2015]. Adair, J. and Allen, M. (2003).The concise time management and personal development. London: Thorogood.

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Defining And Analysing Groupwork Social Work Essay Essay Example

Defining And Analysing Groupwork Social Work Essay Paper Groups may be defined in many ways, so supplying an absolute definition of a group, as with much of the theory around group work, is extremely debatable and contestable. However for the intents of discoursing groupwork within a context of working with immature people we may specify a group as a little assemblage of immature people. Group work may simplistically be described as the survey and application of the procedures and results experienced when a little group comes together. Konopka ( 1963 ) defines groupwork as a method of societal work that is utilised in order to `help persons to heighten their societal operation through purposeful group experiences, and to get by more efficaciously with their personal, group or community problems` . This definition shows a tradition within groupwork of assisting persons with jobs. Brown provides a modernized and more comprehensive definition of group work ( 1994, p.8 ) . He states that `groupwork provides a context in which persons help each other ; it is a method of assisting groups every bit good as assisting persons ; and it can enable persons and groups to influenceand changepersonal, group, organizational and community problems` ( original accent ) . He goes on to separate between `relatively little and neighbourhood centred` work and `macro, social and political approaches` within community work, explicating that merely the former may be decently classified as groupwork. We will write a custom essay sample on Defining And Analysing Groupwork Social Work Essay specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now We will write a custom essay sample on Defining And Analysing Groupwork Social Work Essay specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer We will write a custom essay sample on Defining And Analysing Groupwork Social Work Essay specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer Therefore the function of groupwork can be seen as one which places accent on sharing of ideas, thoughts, jobs and activities. Functions within Groups Each person within a group has a function to play in the development of that group to a greater or lesser extent. Through observation, apprehension of difference, consciousness of personal resourcesand effectual communicating ( Douglas, 1995 ) , each member may impact group procedures and single emotions. Functions develop within groups both through formal assignment and because of the personal features and interpersonal relationships that develop between members. Roles which develop can be constructive and back up the group and its members in accomplishing its ends, or can be destructive and work against the overall group aims. Persons within the group can develop several functions and at times these may struggle. For illustration a PTV member who was designated as leaderfor a specific undertaking, besides played a clownand was fond of practical gags. The gulling about led to a deficiency of trust from other group members making a struggle with the leading function. As the group begins to develop an apprehension of four things can be observed: Observation: the manner we behave is based upon what we observe of ourselves, and what we make of others and their reactions to us. Differences: personally and socially generated ; the effects they have on behaviors and apprehension. Resources: often stemming from difference but are the beginning of possible power for a group and an person. Communication: considered to be natural but capable to many barriers that remain mostly unknown unless a witting attempt is made to happen them: ( Douglas, 1995, p. 80-97 ) A Through supportive functions, groups may play a portion in cut downing subjugation generated externally to the group. Groupwork can be used as a medium for laden groups to `help these groups adjust in society` , and furthermore to assist society to set towards these groups. This can be achieved by `individual rehabilitation` in which we can `help persons to set to societal life and manage aˆÂ ¦ tenseness aˆÂ ¦ addition assurance, high ego esteem` , and in `getting and maintaining employment etc.` . `Societal or community rehabilitation` involves `helping the society to hold meaningful contact` with persons and groups which are discriminated against and laden ( Osei-Hwedie, Mwansa, and Mufune, 1990, p. 188 ) . Preston-Shoot describes groupwork making a `sense of belonging and common identity` promoting `the formation of relationships which foster common designation and influence` , therefore feelings of isolation and uniqueness with issues of difference and subjugation may be reduced. Besides, the group may be encouraged to utilize its internal resources to travel towards single or group `problem-resolution` , cut downing feelings of weakness, constructing self deserving, and detering worker dependence ( Preston-Shoot, 1987, p. 6-28 ) . Smith concurs with this position of the suitableness of groupwork, saying `Groups are obvious sites of interaction and within them a sense of connection or community with others can be fostered` ( Smith, 1994, p.111 ) . This `connectedness` is a valuable tool with which to dispute favoritism and subjugation, for as Piven and Cloward argue, it is merely when we act jointly that alteration can get down ( Piven and Cloward, 1993 ) . Decision: Group Work Double Edged Sword? To province that group work is non an exact scientific discipline is something of an understatement. As we have seen, it is debatable to even specify what is meant by a group as no absolute definition exists. Similarly most, if non all, constructs within group work theory can be, and are, contested. Groups are highly of import in the lives of all persons. Johnson and Johnson ( 1975, p1-2 ) province `many of our ends can be achieved merely with the cooperation and coordination of others` . However `the success of any group depends on the ability of its members to interchange thoughts freely and to experience involved in the life and determinations of the group` ( Massallay, 1990 ) . All groups within young person work have ends, i.e. a future province of personal businesss. It is of import that short term and long term ends are set realistically if the group is to develop and work efficaciously. These maps are achieved through the way of leading and the development of single functions within each group. A group is said to be successful if it: 1.A A A A A accomplishes group undertakings 2.A A A A A maintains the group internally, and ; 3.A A A A A develops and adapts to better effectivity. ( Massallay, 1990 ) Groupwork can be used as an effectual tool for many young person work state of affairss, non least of which is as a medium for disputing subjugation both within groups and persons. Therefore, we have seen the outgrowth and development of misss issue groups and black immature people s undertakings that offer common support every bit good as working to dispute subjugation. Yet we have seen that through the development phases of a groups life there are many chances for persons to develop and concentrate oppressive behavior internally within a group. A appreciation of theoretical apprehension of group behavior and operation can assist to explicate single and group behavior, and assist us to accomplish our ultimate purpose as young person workers, that of informal instruction. It is of import non to handle group work as an exact scientific discipline with unequivocal replies. Indeed many of the questionswe must inquire ourselves are ill-defined, therefore the answersare a best conjecture, or a benchmark that we can develop on and work about. Finally, allow us see briefly the historical context of group work development and the intent it has non merely within young person work, but society at big. As Taylor reminds us `A minute s contemplation shows that the societal groupwork beloved of liberalism is the merchandise of the American capitalist concern to develop more sophisticated direction techniques` ( Taylor, 1987, p. 140 ) . Let us be careful to utilize group work to advance democracy and non fall into the trap of utilizing group work as yet another tool for advancing societal control in a capitalistic province. A © Student Youth Work Online 1999-2001 Please ever cite the writer of this page. References A ; Recommended Reading Adair, J. ( 1988 ) Effective LeadershipLondon: Pan Barker, L. L. , Cegala, D. J. , Kibler, R. J. and Wahlers, K. J. Groups In ProcessNew Jersey, USA: Prentice-Hall Chemical bond, T. 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L. ( 1981 ) Leadership and Group Dynamics in Recreation ServicesUSA: Allyn and Bacon Smith, M. K. ( 1994 ) Local Education: Community, Conversation, PraxisGreat Britain: Open University Press Taylor, T. ( 1987 ) `Youth Workers as Character Builders` Chapter 9. In Jeffs, T and Smith, M. ( Eds. ) Youth WorkBasingstoke: MacMillan Tuckman, B. W. ( 1965 ) `Developmental Sequences in Small Groups` in Psychological BulletinNo. 63 p. 384-399 hypertext transfer protocol: //youthworkcentral.tripod.com/sean3.htm

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Faithful, Firm and True Book Critique

Faithful, Firm and True Book Critique Free Online Research Papers Dr. Titus Brown is a History professor at Florida AM University located in Tallahassee, Florida. He is a graduate of Albany State University in Albany, Georgia. He is the author of many books including the wonderful Faithful, Firm and True. Faithful, Firm and True gives the readers a detailed look at how formal and organized education was created in the South for free blacks. Assuming Dr. Brown did extensive research to basically travel back in the past to gain knowledge on the inception of something so historical and life changing in society. The question being answered here is how was an education system formed for African Americans, what were the trials and tribulations of the establishment for formal education for African Americans and what was the success of it. And Dr. Brown answered these questions thoroughly in Faithful, Firm and True highlighting the education system in Macon, Georgia and the establishment of Lewis and Ballard High Schools. To illustrate the foundation of formal and organized education for African Americans in the South, Dr. Brown presents the Freedmen’s Bureau and its efforts, accomplishments and failures. In the book, Dr. Brown provides recollections of individuals who were educators during this time. The era is during the Reconstruction, post-Civil War. He mentions one educator’s experience, William Cole. According to Dr. Brown, â€Å"Cole and other teachers were promised pay of twenty-five dollars per month plus a special allowance of thirty cents per day for rations. After working for four months, Cole wrote Superintendent Eberhart complaining that the teachers â€Å"have received but two months pay without the stipulated amount for rations†.† Dr. Brown proceeds to add Cole stating that, â€Å"Parents of the students paid nothing, â€Å"as they were not able to pay to have their children taught.† Moreover, inadequate funds prevented the school from obtaining unif orm textbooks for students.† Lastly Dr. Brown lets it be known that â€Å"Cole’s class purchased its own books at a â€Å"very high price†.† This was merely one the problems that posed during this period. White men ran the country and not much effort was put forward in the education of blacks. It was a system of oppression, one we still see today. To obtain work for money, one most likely had to be educated, with no resources for education, one was left uneducated and unable to obtain work, so they most likely had to return a pseudo form of slavery in order to survive after being legally emancipated. Dr. Brown makes it clear that it was a struggle for blacks to obtain education. The reader learns that many schools geared for African American education were in the basements of churches and most likely solely funded by clergy and church members who had children enrolled. The Freedmen’s Bureau and Freedmen’s Aid Commission alike were enacted for the advancements of African Americans. They worked hard at sticking to their word but as one can read, they often failed. The Freedmen’s Bureau and other organizations were typically ran by Republican politicians but once terrorist groups like the KKK rose to power and started terrorizing individuals like those associated with the Freedmen’s Bureau and African Americans, they began to back away. Eventually, these initiatives were closed down and people of power backed out assuming there will be no end to the violence and opposition basically leaving the individuals they intended to help to fend for themselves. This brought upon the establishment of the AMA, the American Missionary Association. The AMA used the four schools already established in Macon and saw that additional schools were opened such as those in the outbuilding in the Lincoln Home Yard and a room in the Freedmenâ₠¬â„¢s Hospital. The AMA also oversaw the proposal of the first school building in Macon, Georgia. Enrollment dropped when a tuition fee was announced but the individuals in the system raised $1,500 to help and enrollment rose. The school system endured many rise and falls in its establishment but that never stopped production. Dr. Brown’s argument of the hardships that were endured in the establishment of the education system of African Americans is valid and persuasive, in the sense that reader was thoroughly educated and able to understand and maybe empathize with this struggle and the end feeling of accomplishment. In the end we see clearly that Ballard students were well educated and advanced on to other positions, mostly of leadership and also giving back by educating others as they were educated. The reader is able to grasp something so simple as, Hard Work does pay off. Research Papers on Faithful, Firm and True Book CritiqueStandardized Testing19 Century Society: A Deeply Divided EraHip-Hop is ArtBringing Democracy to AfricaBook Review on The Autobiography of Malcolm XComparison: Letter from Birmingham and CritoPersonal Experience with Teen PregnancyResearch Process Part OneCapital PunishmentQuebec and Canada

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The View on Relationships Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

The View on Relationships - Essay Example And those are party or bar and sexual activity. Let me just clarify what sexual activity is in hook ups, it may be as simple as making out to sexual intercourse. There are several studies that focus on how the hook up culture impacts the sexual behavior of adolescents. Findings vary from hook up culture being prevalent in colleges, like a sort of baptismal ritual of college freshmen as this is more commonly found in freshmen, to the culture being limited in a certain group of people (Wade & Heldman, pp. 128-145; Regnerus & Uecker, ch.4). But what is common in the studies is that the hook up culture is a reversal of script with regards to building a romantic relationship. Before, a relationship starts with dating. Two interested people date each with the hopes of establishing a connection. With this script, the relationship is built on intimacy and emotional attachment. With the hook up culture, it starts with the hook up, usually based on physical or sexual relations. There are no ob ligations for both parties to continue on with building a relationship although both parties may be interested in dating afterwards. This shows how impersonal the hook up culture is. There is no intimate connection that is created between the involved parties. What happens is they hook up, and they part the next day. They may not see each other, talk to each other, or send email or SMS. It was a simple hook up and there is nothing more to it. But if they meet again, and still interested in each other they may go home together and have sex. It was as easy as that. But this setup actually makes things more complicated. Because of its impersonal nature, it degrades the value of relationships. And of the people involved in the hook up. It is even more dangerous for women than men since social values still place greater value on how a woman should be subordinate or should act in a proper or traditional manner compared to men. If a woman hooks up with several men, even if she is not neces sarily sleeping around with them, she may still be perceived as promiscuous, or worst she may be called a bitch or a whore. Men are more immune to these perceptions although there are still men who attract negative criticism when they hook up with several women. They may be perceived as men who cannot be trusted to be in a relationship. Because of these results, the hook up culture does not seem to be very attractive. Who wants to be called a bitch or a whore or a playboy with no concept of intimacy or love? It can destroy one’s self-esteem. And this is exactly what happens to the women and men involved in hook up cultures. Since there is no intimacy involved within the hook up culture, it demoralizes relationship and sex. There are three things that people usually look for in sex, meaningfulness, empowerment and pleasure. But the hook up culture distorts it. According to Wade and Heldman’s study (pp.140 – 144), the men and women they interviewed felt that their hook up sex was meaningless. Since there was no connection whatsoever, the sex was merely an action. It does not symbolize anything aside from the act of having sex. Those who were involved in the hook up culture wanted to have meaning when they have sex with someone. It doesn’t necessarily mean love. What they were looking for was some kind of bond that they can share. A connection wherein they can they are